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My name is Kristy Aiani and I am 21 years old. For as long as I can remember, food and my weight has been a problem. When I was young my parents did everything wrong when it came to eating healthy and well-proportioned food. As a result I never learned how to feed myself correctly and never learned how to stop myself from overeating. Since my entire family has been overweight, it never occurred to me that the way I ate (and that I didn’t exercise) could make me overweight and unhealthy.

That was until I started middle school. There, I was physically and mentally bullied and harassed by other students and teachers. But instead of becoming healthier, I ate more, and fell into a depression. In high school the bullying subsided but the eating did not. I ate from stress and depression and figured that my body was never going to be the way I wanted and it would just have to be something I lived with. Once in community college, I decided to try and take control after hearing success stories from people who came from similar situations. I started working out and trying to eat right. But after a year, with no changes in either direction, I figured this was how I was going to look forever. For years I didn’t gain or lose weight and tried to ignore it the best I could.

Recently, my sister was contacted by The Home and Family tv show in concerns with weight loss, and they decided to accept both of us onto the show to receive help. I am now attending a boot camp class everyday, counting calories, and seeing a weekly therapist. Because of the efforts put in by myself, and the generosity put in by others, I have lost 40lbs so far. I am now at 180 lbs, and my first goal is to reach 170 lbs. From there I hope one day to be and maintain 150 lbs.

The biggest challenge for me during this journey is to find the support and inner strength to carry on when I feel like I can’t achieve what I want. Finding time to work out is hard with a 9-5 job and full time school starting up again in the fall. Eating healthy has been okay, but temptations are out there. I just keep reminding myself about a realization I had recently: I want this more than anything. I want to feel healthy and happy with myself more than anything in the world.

The Epic Fitness Boot Camp class, taught by Adam Berezowsky, has changed my life and taught me that help can come from others if you ask for it, and with enough perseverance and determination, anything is possible.

This journey has brought to light many issue in my life, but the strength I’ve found through new friends, and a new outlook on life, have helped me overcome many obstacles. Never let anything; parents, significant other, friends, time, or mood, stop you from being all that you can be. Your stronger than you think; never give up on yourself.

- Kristy