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Never give up, Never surrender and be 100% committed to making this change for yourself. I began this life changing journey in the beginning of February 2013. I made a commitment to myself to eat healthy, start exercising, live a healthy lifestyle, and finally for the first time in my life, put myself first. I was unhappy with where I was in my life and I began my journey weighing in at 250 lbs with a high chance of becoming diabetic if I didn’t change soon.

Over the course of five months I managed to work off 30 pounds of my body weight, dropped inches and BMI, learned to put myself first and continue to challenge my body and push myself further. I have now participated in five, 5k race events and have plenty more already planned in my future. I eat healthy, track my food and exercise on my Body Media Armband/Phone App and participate in 4 bootcamp classes per week.

Epic Fitness Bootcamp has not only become almost a daily part of my life but it has become my family. Originally I was timid to the idea of a bootcamp class, as I do not personally work well with the drill instructor setting of loud voices and scary intimidation. I would soon learn however, Epic Fitness Bootcamp classes do NOT resemble this at all. People of all ages, and sizes can participate in this class from exactly wherever they may be in their own journey to become healthier. Modifications to class activities are always available plus, surprises and variety in the daily workouts make it a fun environment to look forward to each day with times that will actually fit around your work and or school schedule. Adam not only gives the encouragement, support, and positive attitude needed to succeed with these life changes but will hold you accountable to your goals. Because of Adam, Epic Fitness has become a team of people with a positive attitude, who are available to cheer each other on and be the encouragement everyone needs.

Remember, You didn’t gain all your weight overnight and you won’t loose it overnight either. It will get hard and there is no quick fix but this is a blessing in disguise. The effort and hard work you put into this process will make you so much stronger in the end. Good luck everyone! It is possible!

DFTBA (Don’t Forget to Be Awsome!) Love, Katie