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Epic Fitness has been recognized by members and voted “Best Fitness Center of Simi Valley,” for providing life changing results through our unique training programs and nutritional philosophy. Epic Fitness doesn’t believe in “diets,” instead we teach you how to fuel your body and mind to have more energy and tackle life. Unlike other group fitness programs that leave you feeling unimportant and faceless, Epic Fitness is a family that will motivate, challenge, and support you through your fitness journey.



Our proprietary workout system will ensure that you achieve the results you’re looking for.  We’ve developed a workout that targets all the right muscle groups, burns unwanted fat, and simultaneously gives you the energy you’ve been craving.  We believe in incorporating strength, power, and balance into all of our workouts.  All the classes are taught by a certified personal trainer.  WE GUARANTEE NO 2 WORKOUTS ARE THE SAME!


Nutrition is the foundation for quick and effective results.  At Epic Fitness, we teach you how to fuel your body properly to ensure you feel fantastic throughout your day.  Our program is designed by a local dietitian, which is based on eating organic natural foods and making suggestions that fit in your lifestyle.  These practices are applicable every day and create a well-balanced eating plan for the rest of your life.


Here at Epic Fitness we are all about community!  We strongly believe that you become who you surround yourself with.  Not only will you have the accountability that we all need to succeed, but you will also create lifelong friendships.  With obesity on the rise, it’s very important to get kids and their families to understand the fundamentals of a healthy and active lifestyle.