Carb Cycling

If you have ever tried to lose body fat, you’ve probably heard how bad carbs are for

you. But we need to clarify something – there are two types of carbs – fibrous and

starchy. Fibrous carbs are fruits and veggies and should be consumed in abundance.


Starchy carbs are your bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, etc. Starchy carbs should not be

avoided altogether; they have their time and place. WHEN you eat starchy carbs can

make a big difference.


My general rule is to eat them no more than once a day and preferably after a workout when your metabolism is at its highest.


There’s also this concept that many people follow called CARB CYCLING. It has worked

well for many people but requires planning in advance and strict adherence.


As you know, your body is incredibly smart. If you cut carbs from your diet you will

lose a little at first, but your body will adapt. Suddenly, you’re eating no carbs and not

losing body fat. What the heck!? That’s where the concept of CARB CYCLING comes in

handy. It’s basically a planned re-feeding of starchy carbs that tricks your body by

making it think you aren’t entirely restricting carbs so it can continue with the fat loss



There are a few ways to carb cycle:


1. Infrequent, big re-feeds (only good for people who can be 100% compliant) Plan, let’s say a 2 week cycle. On days 7 & 14, you consume large amounts of starchy carbs. ZERO deviation on the plan can happen the other days, otherwise this type of cycle will not be effective.

  • Consume about 3x your daily intake from your normal days.
  • You must exercise on re-feed days
  • Assess after a cycle to make sure this type of plan is working for you.

2. Frequent, moderate re-feeds

  • You eat very few starchy carbs, then up your intake for one day every 4 or so days.
  • Carbs must be HIGH QUALITY – think sweet potatoes, quinoa, brown rice, fruits
  • Consume about 1.5x your daily intake from your normal days
  • You must exercise on these re-feed days


If you think you might like to try carb cycling and have questions, we’re here to help! Simply hit reply, and we’ll get back with you right away!


Yours in Health,


 Kaitlin B


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