• Awesome staff, supportive, a lot of workout options, make encouraging friends, clean large facility....Join now! Best place in Simi to work out!

    Sarah Daub
  • Epic is SO MUCH more than a gym. Its a family! Here is my story and why I believe in Epic and its mission. 
    In September of 2017 I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to participate in the Epic Fitness 6 week challenge. I was scared, nervous, out of shape and not quite sure what to expect, or if I was capable of even accomplishing what I knew in my mind I needed to do. Day one of the challenge I had to stand there in a sports bra and my leggings for a before picture, stand on a scale and get all of me measured. As if that wasn't bad enough I had to do the dunk test in a truck to measures your body fat! WOW! Was that a total eye opener and honestly scared the crap out of me. I am really unhealthy! So I thought to myself now what? I started attending daily workout classes, logging everything I put in my mouth in the app MyFitnessPal, meeting every week with my health coach Kaitlin, believing in myself and keeping a positive attitude. Before I knew it, I was on a roll, and it wasn't as hard as I thought. My biggest obstacle was getting out of my own head.
    So 6 weeks later, the last day of the challenge, there I was again... in a sports bra and my leggings for an after picture, getting all of me measured and dunking in the body fat truck. I must say this time I was able to do it with my head held high knowing that I am capable and am on the right track to get healthy. 
    I ended the Challenge 14.9lbs lighter, 14 total inches smaller, 2.7% less body fat and almost 4 minutes of my mile run time! I am proud of myself and am so excited to continue this journey to a healthy happy me! January 21, 2018.. down a total of 23 lbs and 4.9% less body fat. We are on the home stretch for the 8 week challange and can't wait to see my results! Epic Fitness is and has changed my life. Epic Fitness will give you the guidance, inspiration and tools to succeed. IT WORKS - TRUST THE PROCESS!

    Amy Call
  • I joined Epic in November 2017, and in a short period of time I have come to truly love their culture of fitness! They call themselves a "tribe" and live by that credo every day. The classes are excellent, as are the coaches/trainers. This is a local, family-owned business that has figured out how to do fitness right! Unlike some of the other gyms in the area (mostly franchises), Epic is unique in the way it inspires its members to reach their goals! I highly recommend Epic!!

    Juan Ros
  • "I Started Epic a couple of years ago, and I think it's a great place to go and get or stay fit for life. Everyone there from staff to other members are very supportive no matter what level you're at. I would recommend trying it out for yourself."

    Tom Bernal
  • EPIC Fitness is awesome! I feel so comfortable here. You can be any age, weight and endurance level and still do the same workout as everyone else but at your own pace. The owners Kaitlyn and Adam are amazing people. They truly care about every person in there. Individually focusing on our individual goals. They make modifications to your workout if needed. You feel motivated there to give it your all. You get such a great workout that is so different than any other place. I feel stronger than ever before since I started there a couple months ago. All you got to do is show up! Check it out! You won't be disappointed!

    Cammie Flores
  • I've been apart the epic tribe for about 4 months now and thought I should make sure everyone knows how awesome and inspiring this place is. Kaitlin has a deep passion for seeing you achieve your best, Adam puts all his energy into guiding you to your dream goals (health and life) and brandy pushes you to break past your limits. Can't forget Chris and Roger who treat you like a close friend from day one and offer all the encouragement you could need. In 4 months they helped me loose body fat and gain 10 pounds of muscle. This place is nothing like a typical boring gym. It's a community committed to growing. It's a lifestyle you can be proud of. Thanks guys!

    Zack Kendall
  • Before yesterday, I had never been to Epic. Joined the 8 week challenge and after day 2, I’m already starting to feel a part of the epic Fitness Family. Everyone is so nice, welcoming, friendly and workouts are amazing. The gym is clean and has everything I need right there including my post workout shake. Looking forward to the rest of my 8 week challenge with Epic Fitness.

    I am now finishing my last week of the Epic challenge and let me tell you I am extremely loving loving everything about Epic. The coaches provide so much enthusiasm and support to each person that walks through the door. The workouts are different everyday so it keeps you body guessing. I’ve gotten so strong and built up my endurance so much the last 7 weeks. I challenge you to become a member of the Epic tribe!

    Stacey Gallardo
  • If you want to feel better and look better this is the place to go! Instructors and staff are great! New Shake Bar makes a great rebuild shake for right aftetwards.... 5 Stars!!!!

    Mike Nolan
  • Epic fitness gives u the peace of mind you won't be judge not matter ur age or size. I've been here almost 3 yrs and have learned so much over that time period. Everyone here grows to know u and vise versa and u see them more just as someone u workout with. My kids actually enjoying coming with me, as they are in the kids room with toys, Netflix, and games! I've been to all the class times enjoy them all! As well as spin and Spartan Saturday classes!

    Dolores Romo-Carabajal
  • I so love the Energy of this Gym.  I love the space that the gym has I recently injured my body and I'm still able to work out on the edges of the gym without being in someone's way. I love all the staff always willing to help you meet your goals. If I could give this gym 10 stars I would.

    Spartanloka Garcia
  • I always loved working out but NEVER considered myself a morning workout person -- until Epic!!! Now I jump out of bed for class at 5:30am. There's no better way to start my day. The energy, the support, the intense workout and the sense of community pushes each person to their individual limits while also having FUN!!! I can't imagine going back to working out by myself at a gym, and love the added option for spin now too (a new venture for me). Epic has truly changed me and my workouts in the best way ❤️

    Alissa Whiteley
  • Epic is simply the best! The energy is upbeat, fun and friendly. The workouts are different every day and are fantastic. This place is addictive - once you get started you really look forward to going back.

    Erin Fitzsimmons Donalson
  • The staff is awesome and it's a good place to workout and have a healthy Herbalife smoothie.

    Christy Gabriel
  • This place is a second home. Serious workouts, serious fun. Down to earth people who want nothing more than to see you reach your fitness goals.

    Amy M. Mills
  • Love Epic!!!!!! The owners are good people who are dedicated to their members. Someday I will return.

    Kathy Connor Navin
  • EPIC Fitness is awesome! I use it to mix up my usual work out but I can absolutely endorse EPIC Fitness for the daily workout also. Adam devises really challenging exercises, stressing muscle endurance and agility and not only is he incredibly motivating but the support from everyone pushes you beyond what you might think possible. Check it out!!

    Michael Nelson
  • This place has changed my life! Although the workouts are tough, they're fun. The coaches Kaitlin Anthony Berezowsky, Adam Berezowsky Cpt Chris Mills, Brandy Joshua, Wendy Jean Lorentzen and Roger Baumann are all about technique and they will push you to reach you goals. The culture that has been developed there is about encouragement, support and to find a new way to live a healthier and active life. They truly are an EPIC (spectacular; very impressive; awesome) Fitness center.

    Katia Handal
  • Epic.... It's name says it all! The team at Epic is the most amazing and encouraging group of trainers! You feel at home the second you walk in the door. I encourage any one that is looking for new health and fitness goals to give Epic a try.

    Kelly ONeill Bryan
  • Epic Bootcamp is the very best! I met Adam almost two years ago. I had already lost a bunch of weight in my weight loss journey but I was stuck. Adam encouraged me and showed me the way to a healthier lifestyle. I had always struggled with consistency but Epic is so fun, you keep wanting to come back for me. Adam has pushed me and he believed in me even when I didn't believe in myself. If you want to tap your inner potential and be the best person you can be, Epic is the place for you.

    Carla Louise
  • I've been looking for place like this for the past 3 years ! So happy to have found my new fitness home ! Everyone is so encouraging welcoming and really help you push yourself everyday is different so you never get board and always sore !

    Sarah Lorayne Garcia
  • Hands down, the best workout money can buy. Adam and the other trainers are always upbeat, innovative and supportive. The workouts are fun, but also kick your butt. It's a true family atmosphere. What makes this boot camp unique are the numerous opportunities you're given to exercise with the group OUTSIDE the class (e.g., Saturday bike rides, Wednesday runs, hiking, swim classes, etc.)- most of which are free.

    Ben Liu
  • Amazing, Amazing, Amazing is all I can say...... This has been the best thing I have done for myself, my health, my mental well being. It's been over 3 years and I can't imagine not being a part of it. The owner is an awesome trainer and such a motivator, his passion is evident everyday at class. The people and friends I have made are one of a kind. Truly a life changing experience! Thank you EPIC Fitness!

    Janet Brekke
  • Until EPIC, I never liked exercise or even being active. I would try forcing myself into some sort of workout schedule, but it wouldn't last long. Adam and Kaitlin have created a fun and safe environment that has helped to transform me, my body and my habits. I am starting my 5th year, with great success these past four years. I've lost weight, gained confidence, strength and endurance, I've run in races and have found positive and happy people to surround me. I encourage you to come out and try it!

    Welles Miller
  • EPIC Fitness is awesome! I feel so comfortable here. You can be any age, weight and endurance level and still do the same workout as everyone else but at your own pace. The owners Kaitlin and Adam are amazing people. They truly care about every person in there. Individually focusing on our individual goals. They make modifications to your workout if needed. You feel motivated there to give it your all. You get such a great workout that is so different than any other place. I feel stronger than ever before since I started there a couple months ago. All you got to do is show up! Check it out! You won't be disappointed!

    Cammie Flores
  • I would like thank Epic Fitness for changing my life !!! Thanks for my friend Angelia for being such a inspiration to me. This is by far the best group of people. Everyone cheers on everyone and that tops any boot camp. We are all like a big family. Thanks Adam for being a great trainer and believing in me. You are awesome!!

    Ann Casey Lewis
  • This Bootcamp changed my life to say the least. I went from taking medications for high blood pressure and high cholesterol to nothing, losing 20lbs and not exercising to qualifying for Boston in 3 years, I have met some amazing people who push me to be better everyday. It is not just a bootcamp, it is my safe haven.

    Diana Contreras
  • I have never been one to like a gym (crowded,people watching,hanging out, don't know how to use machines correctly) also its easy to just be like "ok i did 30 min" and leave. I was skeptical to try Epic but they had a week free offer going and i needed to do SOMETHING! i love it! Its one hour of all sorts of workouts with help from the trainer. A class full of people that want to be healthy and in shape just like me. It doesn't matter if you are 5lbs overweight or 100's. Literally they will modify each workout to make easier. Plus you go at your own place. You can do 30 pushups in one minute or 1. Do what you can and each time push yourself a lil more. PLUS they have a room for kids to play,watch movies or do homework for FREE. Being a single mom this really comes in handy. No excuses!

    Crystal Herrington
  • EPIC has changed my life in more ways than one. The community that Adam and Kaitlin have built here is incredible and the support is unparalleled. Because of EPIC's commitment to living out healthy lives, the people involved have no choice but to WANT to follow their lead. They care about each person's individual goals and are tuned into what their community needs. They live, eat, and breathe their work and their community and it changes people's lives. Everyday is hard, but everyday you'll be glad you came. Go team EPIC! Keep doing what you're doing!

    Casey Thornton
  • This bootcamp, has been a complete blessing on my life. In fact, this bootcamp probably saved my life. I am not, nor have I been an athlete. My family has a history of both insulin dependent diabetes and high blood pressure. At the weight I was when I began bootcamp, I was quickly headed in that direction myself. Adam, our amazing trainer, encouraged me to not give up, make healthier eating choices and push forward. I am geeked to workout and run now! Never once in my life did I EVER dream that I would feel that way. I am almost at my goal weight (70lbs down) and I am stronger than I have ever been in my life thanks to EPIC Bootcamp.

    Adrian Gaston-Ford
  • Awesome workouts, awesome support, awesome people!

    Christina Tina Kruger-Robertson
  • Glad I made it for the epic workout this morning! Kaitlin is a great trainer and definitely knows how to keep the energy up!!! Loved the challenging workout. Definitely won't get bored here.

    Ashley Butler
  • I have been working out at Epic Fitness Boot Camp 4 days a week for 3 months and I plan on continuing! Since my first day there I have not felt the same! Adam has helped me to feel more confident about my self image, showed me how to eat better and pushes me to do things he KNOWS I am capable of when I don't . Everyone at this gym is so friendly and motivating. I have accomplished things in these 3 months that I NEVER thought I'd do. I am now running 5k races and am signed up and training for a half marathon in October 2013! I feel AMAZING! Adam has helped change my life and not only is he my fitness trainer, he is my good friend!

    Shelly Ava Shaffer
  • Great workout. Fun. Challenging. The people are all so friendly. Adam is wonderful. He truly cares about the people he is training. He is constantly thinking of new ways to get you moving and exercising. Plus he is always so happy. He really loves what he does.

    Tammy Bitner
  • I cannot even begin to explain how much Epic has changed my life! I can do things I never thought I could, I can reach goals that once seemed impossible & I'm starting to like the person I see in the mirror, both physically and mentally! Epic is such an awesome family to be a part of!!! If you seriously want to change your life, join EPIC!!!!!

    Cheyenne Ritchie-Seibert
  • Best workout I've ever had!!! They push you to your brink. I always feel so amazing when I leave. I can feel myself falling In love with this place!! Thank you so much! See you guys in the morning!

    Camille Nerdrum
  • Love this place. So much fun and a killer workout. Everyone is so friendly and supportive and great for all levels (beginners through advanced) . So thankful I found this epic family!

    Holly Bourgouin Roberts
  • I LOVE the positive energy at Epic Fitness! It's like one big family where everyone cheers you on and motivates you- You don't have to do it alone. And the classes are fun and challenging! I did my first triathlon with my Epic Fitness family- so sportive! I love them!

    Kim Myers Fortuna
  • Nothing better to get your fitness on! ADAM is the best! Not only to encourage and push your limits. But he does great things for schools And the boys and girls club to mention some of them.

    Catalina Mendigaña-Montazeri
  • I can't tell you how grateful I am to be a part of the best fitness family. This place truly makes me a better and stronger person everyday.

    Brandy Joshua
  • Great people awesome workouts if you want people who motivate and inspire this is the place for you!

    Loren DeLotell
  • EPIC Fitness motivates me to push myself and work out in ways I had never done before! so grateful to have found such amazing coaches that care about every single one of their members!!

    Rubi Valencia
  • Epic Fitness is the best fitness family I've ever been a part of. They make everyone feel welcomed and cared for. Kaitlin and Adam truly inspire. They are amazing people! They keep the workouts exciting and fun. There is so much love and support by everyone involved at Epic Fitness. The encouragement is nonstop and awesome! It really does feel like a happy family.

    Karrie Pascual
  • This is the best place EVER!!! Fun, never boring, extremely challenging, fun, great music, AWSOME ADAM, did I forget to mention FUN, FUN, FUN!!!! This is the best place to be to get an incredible workout and have fun.

    Jackie Sciacca
  • EPIC stands for Every Person Is Courageous and that's exactly how I feel every time I step foot in our EPIC gym. From working out with our Boston Marathon qualifier, to someone like me at age 61, Adam and his team of trainers make sure that each of us feels successful and positive about every workout (go Kim, Brandy, and Kaitlyn). EPIC is not like going to a gym where you wear earphones and work alone in your same old boring routine day after day. Instead, every day is a new challenge and Adam makes sure to keep us guessing what's up. He sets up a unique workout each day that uses everything from kettle bells, weights, ropes, bolsters, benches, green sliders, tires, sledge hammers, BOSU balls, ladders, and even walls to climb over! We work every body part as the week progresses, and in just one hour of a fun-filled day with friends, I've seen results way beyond what the gym ever produced. I was nervous when I first started, but EVERYONE makes sure you feel supported. Even if we complain about how much our thighs hurt after a lunge day, or how much it hurts to cough after Adam has creatively worked every single ab muscle, we, the EPIC family, love this place. If you've been thinking about transforming your body and your life, give EPIC a try--it's a happy place to learn just how courageous you really are!!! I've signed up for my first 5K knowing the EPIC team will be there in full force to support me no matter what. Never in a million years did I think that was in my horizon. Can't say enough about EPIC and Adam!!!

    Patti Grammatis
  • My daughter and I have been going to this bootcamp for almost TWO years- with multiple mornings classes and evening classes 2 nights a week it's perfect for our busy hectic schedules. The workouts are never the same , the atmosphere and the people are part of the reason we continue to go - AND Adam really cares about your health your well being and will take a personal interest in making sure you reach your fitness goals !!! A++++

    Samantha Jones Brucato Herron
  • Top notch Training by people who love fitness! The Epic Family Leads from the front and lights the way with a torch of motivation.

    Chris Mills
  • AMAZING place, great workouts, awesome energy and the owners are some of the most supportive, encouraging, inspiring people around!

    Diane Solis-dawe
  • This Place has literally changed my life. 2 months down and I have lost 19 pounds. More energy and a healthier lifestyle. Thank you Adam and all the other trainers that keep me motivated to come back for more workouts

    Heyne Ford
  • I've been going to Spartan Saturdays and love them! Adam and Kaitlin are very welcoming and knowledgeable!

    Rita Solis
  • Week one under my belt!! I haven't been this sore and felt this great in a long time. Can't wait until next week!!!

    Nicole Stone
  • You will be changed for the better! An excellent motivator and always a good time!

    Wendy Franco
  • Joining Epic Fitness Boot Camp was life changing. By far the best trainer there is and the environment is amazing.

    Lori Dyer
  • I love Epic Fitness! Adam and Kaitlin are awesome. They give you the much needed push to help you meet and exceed your goals. They are my Epic Family!!

    Sara Aviv
  • Awesome workout! Fun and encouraging. Great for any level you are at.

    Dana Silecchio
  • Its hard, its fun and I've never been more challenged!! I love this Boot Camp and I intend on going forever!!!

    Stephanie Molloff Steinberg
  • Absolute results!!! For any and all!!

    Ashley Ranes
  • Great crew of people at Epic starting with Adam. I enjoy training with them!!

    Nick Abbinanti
  • Simply awesome!

    Zeyar Mynn


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